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David Campbell - Sun Wheel (Can 1972) [Indian folk]

David Campbell - Sun Wheel (Can 1972) [indian folk]

Born: Guyana
Currently: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Label: Decca - SKL 5139
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 
Country: UK
Released: 1972
Genre: Folk, World, & Country

A1 Sun Wheel
A2 Time Was When
A3 Cabacaburi Children
A4 Skies Of Scotland
A5 Mary Mahone
A6 Circle Town
B1 The Sun Is My Leader
B2 Cloud Amber Lady
B3 Red Man
B4 Magdalena
B5 Lover
B6 North From The Sun

Campbell, the son of Steven and Umbelita Campbell (nee Da Silva), was born in the Pomeroon. His father, an Arawak, was a trail-blazing politician who fought for Amerindian land rights. A fight that is still not yet resolved.

The creative arts were part of the family of eight siblings.

His sister, the late Stephanie Correia, was a nationally and internationally acclaimed artist and potter. His father played the violin and the accordion. "His mother, who was Portuguese, encouraged him and his siblings to sing harmonies together, and with her beautiful voice, passed on to him the deep feeling found in Portuguese fados."

He prefers to use terms like 'organic' and 'vocation' to describe his body of work which includes, in addition to the 1600 songs, more than 20 albums of his songs, 5 books of poetry and song lyrics, and many paintings.

Campbell was educated in Guyana, at Martindale RC School, on the Pomeroon River, and St Stanislaus College.

He migrated during the early 1960s to Canada. After about three years, he went to the UK, where he started his professional musical journey.

It all started at a folk concert at the Royal Albert Hall. An executive of Transatlantic Records, "the UK's pioneering folk label," heard his performance and offered him a contract. This led to several albums and the start of a television career.

Among the albums recorded during this period were: David Campbell (1969) and Youngblood (circa late 1960s) with Transatlantic, Mr Everywhere (1969) and Sun Wheel (1972) with Decca.

One of his first song-writing commissions was for a BBC song documentary series, The Camera and the Song. These songs were recorded, with him singing, accompanied by excellent Caribbean musicians, such as Sterling Bettancourt and Russ Henderson. Campbell has released this music on the CD Immigrant Songs - UK.

An examination of the lyrics of the songs produced during this era reveal a stance that challenges bigotry and dehumanization. It is in this period that Kabakaburi Children was recorded. His music during this period represents a fusion of many influences, including mari mari and calypso.

After three years in the UK, Campbell returned to Canada and settled in Toronto. Here he worked with Native Americans and focused on the challenges they faced across the Americas. He used poetry and music in this project. He released in the early 1970s, the LP Through Arawak Eyes. His poems on the same theme are published in the seminal collection Canada in Us Now.

His No, Not Columbus, from Through Arawak Eyes, became an anthem and was quoted across Native American communities. It was mentioned in 1997 by Chief Peter Guanikeyu Torres, Council Elder of Southern Jersey Taino Tribe of Jatibonuco.

David Campbell now lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has an active life as a singer, writer, television performer and painter. He has written several books of poetry. He has also written about philosophy.

His television work focuses on children, and he has been a regular guest on Canada's Mr Dress Up.

Campbell believes that priority must be given to working with children. The first song he wrote was inspired by the children of the Civil Rights era and was titled Skippin' and Jumpin'.

Campbell started painting in 1994 and has established a reputation for his use of colour and his manifestations of his Arawak heritage. His art graces the covers of his CDs.

Campbell's work has attracted many awards. He has received many commissions from the Canadian government to produce music for the education of Canadian children.

He has developed a loyal international following across races and nationalities. Dr Georges E Sioui, President of the Institute of Indigenous Studies, Canada, wrote:

"...let's listen together to this and other works of a great contemporary Canadian artist, thinker and humanist, our brother David Campbell, an old Arawak soul, speaking and singing to us about how to find, know and honour, the marvellous and powerful being that is in all of us."

David Campbell is the living embodiment of the power of the muses that come from a special place in the geography of Guyana's music. He is an expert wordsmith and clearly one of Guyana's most important lyricists. His ability to draw upon multiple landscapes makes him an inclusive and integrating spirit.

David has been an important ambassador and is a cultural hero. For his inspirational work, he was awarded a Wordsworth McAndrew Award by the Guyana Folk Festival Committee in 2003.
~ Stabroek News
January 1, 2005.

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Moonlyte - Better Late Than Never (us 1974)

Moonlyte - Better Late Than Never (us 1974)

Label: Astro Records - LP-217
Format: Vinyl, LP 
Country: US
Released: 1974
Genre: Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: Psychedelic

Union City, NJ, United States

* Miguel Fanego (keyboards), 
* José Battle (bass), 
* Pedro Pino (guitar), 
* José Luis Toledo (vocals, percussion), 
* Juan Merida (vocals), 
* Juan Soto (percussion), 
* Edgar González (drums), 
* Frank Garcîa (drums), 
* Juan González (drums), 
* Felix Toledo (drums), 
* Enrique García (drums), 
* Frank Schuckert (saxophone), 
* Manuel Diaz (saxophone), 
* Félix Marrero (saxophone)

Also Known As:
The Moonlytes, The Moonlights, Los Moonlights

A1 Better Late Than Never        3:03
A2 Magic Stencils                6:15
A3 Stone Phase                5:04
A4 Redemption                3:06
A5 In Memory Of One Who Left 6:19
B1 Mr. Amor Se Apago        3:24
B2 Nina                        4:28
B3 Hasta Luego Amor        3:42
B4 Sentado Junto Al Mar        2:50
B5 Funky Epilog

The band had traditional instruments (guitar, bass, drums, organ) plus horn section and latin percussion. On their album, Better Late Than Never released in 1974, they recorded Spanish Boleros (ballads) as well as rock which at the time was very funky

Talent oozes from this group.  Sounds of Santana, Chicago, Pink Floyd, on side 1 and last song of side 2.  Spanish balads on the rest of side 2.  Horn section (sax, trumpet) is supperb, strings (fuzz/wahwah) as well as keyboard (Hammond sound) are "out-a-site", percussion blends in gracefully.  Band is composed of Cuban musicians from North Hudson County (Union City, West New York) in New Jersey, who attended high schools such as Union Hill High School and Emerson High School in Union City, New Jersey. They played many gigs over a 6 year period throughout Norther Jersey (1969 through 1974).  
There's a facebook page (see Fans of Moonlyte or just search for Moonlyte ) where two of it's original members can be seen and a ton of pictures and newspaper clips.
 ~ bongocero (RYM) May 17 2010 5.00 stars

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Philip John Lewin - Diamond Love and Other Realities (Can 1976)

Philip John Lewin - Diamond Love and Other Realities (Can 1976)

* Acoustic Guitar – Phil Lewin (tracks: 04)
* Artwork By [Cever Concept], Photography – John Brokaw
* Artwork By [Cover Design, Lettering], Photography [Manny Miller] – Rob MacIntyre
* Bass – Wyatt MacDonald
* Composed By, Lyrics By, Piano, Organ, Vocals – Phil Lewin
* Drums – Manny Miller (tracks: A1 to B1, B3 to B4), Ray Mizzoni (tracks: B2)
* Engineer – Barry McVicker (tracks: A1 to B1, B3, B5), Nick Schefter (tracks: B1, B2, B4)
* Guitar [Lead] – Brian Gauci
* Vocals – Toni Hoyland

Track List:
01. Fear Of Flying
02. Don't Ever Tell Me To Leave
03. Diamond Love
04. A Friend Of Mine
05. I Ain't No Fool
06. Hanging Around And Waiting
07. Other Realities
08. Drummer's Lament

...The a-side here is late-nite loungey 70s SSW fare with a jazzy/funky flare done to perfection. in some strange time-space filter it comes out sounding vividly real vs. dated/cheesy. He lets the tracks really drift... i haven't heard alot of stuff like this. Side 2 is a bit folkier - A Friend of Mine / Hanging Around Waiting are both shorter songs in a Dylan-ish angry folk mold and kinda of break the spell you're under after the stoney looseness that leads up to it. He gets back to it on "Other Realities" and "Drummers Lament" and over-all its a pretty spooky record. The guy is definitely a head, and definitely a weird cat and I really dig where he took this ethereal midnight spaced lounge jazz stuff. Like Justen O'Brien + Jake it quickly becomes a much heavier record than you had initially imagined... Toni, the gal vocalist is fabulously cool and lets notes go flat and plays it stoned natural realness. Like tripping with your middle aged neighbor after he's been through a divorce. Mature and sensitive but still pretty weird.... Most unusual and relaxed but twilight zone mix of smooth but not slick lounge jazzy sounds with off key at times vocal, female voice weaving through, cool organ that gets mystical, the opening track "Fear Of Flying: is particularly eerie. Like a soak in a surreal hot tub. Private pressing on Gargoyle records from Canada. Mentioned in Acid Archives.

Please support Phil Lewin by buying this album.
 ~ Museum of Canadian Music.
a-side here is pretty beastly. late-nite loungey 70s SSW fare with a jazzy/funky flare done to perfection. in some strange time-space filter it comes out sounding vividly real vs. dated/cheesy. he lets the tracks really drift... i haven't heard alot of stuff like this. can't quite tell yet how i feel about the more trad folkier stuff side 2... A Friend of Mine / Hanging Around Waiting are both shorter songs in a Dylan-ish angry folk mold and kinda of break the spell you're under after the stoney looseness that leads up to it. he gets back to it on "Other Realities" and "Drummers Lament" and even though the re-connect isn't quite there, all over its a pretty spooky record. the guy is definitely a head, and definitely a weird cat and i really dig where he took this ethereal midnight spaced lounge jazz stuff. like Justen O'Brien + Jake it quickly becomes a much heavier record than you had initially imagined...  toni, the gal vocalist is fabulously cool and lets notes go flat and plays it stoned natural realness.  like tripping with your middle aged neighbor after he's been through a divorce.  mature and sensitive but still pretty weird.
 ~ Joaquim_Peso (RYM).

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Philip John Lewin - Diamond Love and Other Realities (Can 1976).rar

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Ray Materick - Sidestreets (Can 1972)

Ray Materick - Sidestreets (Can 1972)

Born:  Brantford, ON, Canada
Currently:  Hamilton, ON, Canada
Genres:     Singer/Songwriter
Genre:  Folk, World, & Country
Label:  Big Pink ‎– BIG PINK 37

* Ray Materick - Vocals
* Paul Mills - Guitar
* Michael Renzi, Guido Basso - Bass
* Don Thompson - Piano
* Terry Clarke - Drums

01. Home From Parade       
02. Season Of Plenty       
03. One Thing I'll Never Ask Is Why       
04. Final Fire       
05. Goodbye       
06. Dear Christine       
07. Hard Life Alone       
08. Morning Song       
09. Cherylee Rose       
10. Sidestreets       
Bonus Tracks:
11. Sidestreets (Demo)       
12. Cherylee Rose (Demo)       
13. I Think I'll Try Tomorrow (Unreleased)       
14. It Ain't That Easy (Unreleased)       

-Artwork By – Christianne
-Artwork By [CD Package & Art Work] – Design Power Station
-Coordinator [Reissue] – Youngjun Kim
-Engineer – Phil Sheridan
-Musician – Don Thompson, Guido Basso, Michael Renzi, Paul Mills, Terry Clarke
-Other [Sleeve Printed By] – Baek Song
-Photography By – Wayne Smith
-Producer – Dave Bird
-Remastered By [Digital Remaster], Supervised By [Reissue Supervisor] – Joohyung Lee
-Written-By, Performer – Ray Materick.

Published by Eskimo Music (BMI) / All Song (MAPL)
tracks 13 & 14 published by One Heart Music (SOCAN) 1972
Recorded: June 1972 at Thunder Sound, Toronto.
(c) Kanata Records Limited 1972.

Ray Materick is the son of an evangelical preacher, who had previously played saxophone, trumpet and clarinet in his own dance band, during the 1940s and 1950s. Materick's recording career commenced in 1972, with the release of Sidestreets on Kanata Records, considered to be one of Canada's first independent record labels.[1] The label folded soon after Materick's album was released. His major national breakthrough came with the release of Neon Rain in 1974 on Warner Bros./Asylum Records, featuring the hit single "Linda Put The Coffee On". The album was produced by Eugene Martynec. Materick had been specifically signed by record executive Gary Muth as one of the first Canadian artists on the U.S. Asylum Records label, formed by David Geffen. A number of albums followed throughout the 1970s: Best Friend Overnight (1975) and Midnight Matinee (1976), both of which were produced by Don Potter and featured musical contributions from Daniel Lanois, as well as Fever In Rio (1978). Materick did not continue with Asylum Records, following the release of Midnight Matinee.

During the 1980s, Materick withdrew from music for a period of approximately eight years, assuming employment in a Toronto woodworking company. He later relocated to Hamilton, Ontario.

Materick returned to recording as of 2000, releasing seven albums of new material in two years, and has regularly released new material and compilations since that time. The majority of Materick's later releases have been on his own label, King Kong Records.

In 2012, Materick was subject to two tribute concerts, in Toronto and Hamilton, respectively, by "Honouring Our Own", an organization dedicated to honouring musicians, while living, who have made a lifelong contribution to Canadian music.

In recent years, Materick has been involved in a band project, "Peace On Earth", with Keon Crosswell (bass, guitar) and Dan Kolthof(drums).

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Mike Fiems - I Would Dream (us 1974)

Mike Fiems - I Would Dream (us 1974)

Label: Vermillion V-1974W
Country: US
Released: 1974
Genre: Folk

* Arranged By – Mike Fiems
* Bass – Charlie Gould
* Drums, Percussion, Electric Guitar [Lead], Acoustic Guitar [Lead] – Bill Kennedy
* Engineer [Assistant], Mixed By – Mike Fiems
* Engineer, Mixed By – Graybeard
* Executive-Producer – Vernon Wray
* Lead Guitar [Electric & Acoustic] – Charlie Gould (tracks: B5)
* Lyrics By – Colleen Fiems (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B4, B6), Mike Fiems (tracks: A2, A5, B1 to B3, B5)
* Music By – Mike Fiems
* Photography By – Chris Kemberling
* Twelve-String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [6-String Lead And Rhythm], Percussion, Bass, Vocals, Piano – Mike Fiems

Recorded at The Record Factory in the Arizona Desert.

A1. I Would Dream    2:13   
A2. I'll Be A Star        4:07   
A3. Touch Me             2:53   
A4. Seven Years         3:55   
A5. Desert Sands        3:42   
B1. Feelin Fine           2:37   
B2. My Lady             3:10   
B3. Life In The City   2:54   
B4. I'm Here               2:15   
B5. Sing It                  3:09   
B6. How Will It Be    3:30   

Mike Fiems "I Would Dream" on Vermillion V-1974W. Excellent rural folk psych from 1974 outta Arizona. 11 songs total, every track is a winner on this lp. Produced by Vernon Wray.

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Mike Fiems - I Would Dream (us 1974).rar

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Rontheo - Rontheo (Ger 1976)

Rontheo - Rontheo (Ger 1976)

Formed:    Germany

* Ronnie di Tomaso (guitar, vocals),
* Theo Busch (violin, guitar, percussion)

Genres:    Folk Rock

A1.    Music       
A2.    Live!       
A3.    Lady From Heaven       
A4.    Do It Again       
A5.    By the Side of a Clear Crystal Fountain       
B1.    Zyclus       
B2.    Although It's Fine       
B3.    Clouds Everywhere       
B4.    Tomorrow Will Know

German folk rock that mainly consist of acoustic guitar, violin, and percussion. This is very "American" sounding singer/songwriter stuff with pleasant English vocals. Do NOT expect something that sounds like Brosselmachine, or like Emtidi, or like Witthueser & Westrupp, because This is not really "psychedelic", or "cosmic" at all (even though it is often passed off as progressive folk, or acid folk). With all that being said, there are plenty of very good passages with excellent violin. The strongest material is towards the end, when the music does get a little more progressive at times, with some excellent guitar, beautiful choral arrangements (played on a keyboard choir setting) and extended violin jamming. All-in-all, a pleasant listen, but one can tell why it is not quite up there with the classics of the German folk rock scene of the 70's.

NOTE: There are rumors that these guys were not German at all, but Canadians living in Germany. That would explain their good English vocals, and more American sound
 ~ by thirstymoon (RYM).
The name of this group comes from the first components blocks: RONNIE DI TOMASO (guitar, voice) and THEO BUSCH (violin, percussions). With their friend YEDZ they recorded this good LP in Germany in 1976... it's fresh folk rock, sung in English, and as usual many sellers consider it as psychedelic folk rock (maybe to sell it at a better price), anyway this is another little jewel coming from Germany and its value is growing day by day (400 US Dollars)... the gatefold cover is also great with a beautiful fantasy design... [] http://www.krautrock-musik...601&lang=en
 ~ by isabelbc (RYM).
This German band brings a surprising well crafted USA or British folk rock, or German why not?.
Voice of singer Ronnie di Tomaso add lots to the general pleasant ambience created by this musicians, emotive and inspired singing.
There are beautifully arranged song like the instrumental By the Side of a Clear Crystal Fountain where violin plays a principal role.
In general this almost unknown band, which falls into the never ending genre of "obscure bands", brings a delicate folk rock, pleasant and appealing.
Bravo Mr. di Tomaso and Busch, Ron Theo, unfortunately by the year this album was recorded (1976) nobody catch their wonderful project.
 ~ by DaremoS (RYM).

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Rontheo - Rontheo (Ger 1976).rar

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Emmett Finley - Emmett Finley (us 1971, Poison Ring 2241)

Emmett Finley - Emmett Finley (us 1971, Poison Ring PRR-2241)

- Released on the small Connecticut based Poison Ring label.

* Emmett Finley - Lead vocals, Acoustic & electric guitar
* Hans Peter Schulle - keyboards & supporting vocals
* Dan Zellman - Bass, supporting vocals, engineering
* Ray Monte - Percussion, supporting vocals
* Ellington Sisters - Supporting vocals

side 1
1. So Easy   (Emmett Finley) - 4:44
2. Where He Cried Last Night   (Emmett Finley) - 3:35
3. Gospel   (Emmett Finley) - 2:54
4. Paula's Song   (Emmett Finley) - 1:57

side 2
1. Saturday Morning   (Emmett Finley) - 3:09
2. Monster   (Emmett Finley) - 6:07
3. Without You Now   (Emmett Finley) - 3:07
4. Sky King   (Emmett Finley) - 3:01
5. My Friend   (Emmett Finley) - 3:04

This LP offers up a decent mix of acoustic singer/songwriter material ("So Easy", "Where He Cried Last Night" and the pretty ballad "Paula's Song") with an occasional nod to more rock oriented numbers ("Gospel"). While Finley turned in a couple of nice guitar licks (check out "Monster"), the set's most interesting feature is probably Finley's voice. It took a couple of spins before we could place the resemblance, but then it struck us. Finley has a kind of nasally/echo clad delivery that sounds like "Walls and Bridges" era John Lennon. Nothing monumental, but certainly worth a couple of spins and better than a lot of the higher priced rarities being hyped by so many dealers. Noted CT area producer Doc Cavalier handled this one, as with several Poison Ring releases. [SB]
Yes, check this one out. It's a fairly obscure entry in the underground sounds arena. You'll hear this described as killer folk rock (it is) with lost, atmospheric vocals (huh?), amazing, soaring, backing vocal harmonies (they're there), with facile acoustic/electric mix (check) and overall dark, spooky vibe that'll run chills up and down your spine (nah!). I'll describe it as soft, dreamy, psych influenced folk rock. A recent analogy to a friend was: like "Imagine" era John Lennon singing vocals for Kaleidoscope (UK) with material written by Syd Barrett. This is a very subtle album, that doesn't get your full attention first time around. But after a second listen, you really pick up on all the hidden surprises. "Sat. Morning Monster" is my fave, but there are plenty of other winners on tap. The original vinyl is rare, and I'm not sure if it's been reissued on CD, but however you prefer, it's worth seeking out.
   Addendum: The more I hear this the more I like it. It just grows and grows on you. Since this is not normally the type of record I get excited about, the fact that I am excited about it means that much more. It really is a great record! Grades - 2 B+'s, 2 B's, 3 B-'s, and a C+.
 ~ tymeshifter (RYM).
Here's a real buried treasure that has never really had much in the way of florid hype.A real deep trip that has more in common with something like D.R. Hooker, than the burgeoning proliferation of singer-songwriters from the period.Might some close attention before you sit back and shake your head in wonderment.
 ~ wonkywhy (RYM).
A true gem!

When you find an LP like this it makes all of those countless hours of searching and listening to obscure albums worth the time and effort. This is an outstanding psych rock record with some serious depth and beautiful Billy Nicholls-like vocals. A bit of a headscratcher as to why it was overlooked all of these years when the truth of the matter is that it blows half of the records in the Acid Archives out of the water.
 ~ foreverisadream (RYM).
Okay, we bought this one without any idea who Emmett Finley was.  Why?  Well, we recognized the Poison Ring label as a Connecticut-based outfit that released some interesting 1960s efforts including an album by Pulse. 
Since we still don't know anything about Finley, let us tell you a little about this album.  Produced by Thomas 'Doc' Cavalier, 1971's cleverly-titled "Emmett Finley" offers up a decent mix of acoustic singer/songwriter material ("So Easy", "Where He Cried Last Night" and the pretty ballad "Paula's Song") with an occasional nod to more rock oriented numbers ("Gospel").  While Finley turned in a couple of nice guitar licks (check out "Monster"), the set's most interesting feature is probably Finley's voice.  It took a couple of spins before we could place the resemblance, but then it struck us.  Finley has a kind of nasally/echo clad delivery that sounds like "Walls and Bridges" era John Lennon.  Nothing monumental, but certainly worth a couple of spins and better than a lot of the higher priced rarities being hyped by so many dealers ...
 ~ RDTEN1 (RYM).

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Emmett Finley - Emmett Finley (us 1971, Poison Ring 2241).rar


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Carm Mascarenhas - Someday Soon (Can 1975)

Carm Mascarenhas - Someday Soon (Can 1975)

Carm Mascarenhas (Winnipeg, Canada)

Label: Mascanta

- Very rare top notch acid folk psych out of Canada. Dreamy cosmic feel with great lyrics and musicianship. A true keeper!

- Folk and folkrock with acoustic and electric backing and powerful vocals.

a1. In The Sun
a2. Green Eyes (Smile)
a3. Beyond My Home
a4. Stormy Day
b1. Brand New Life
b2. Fields Of Green
b3. A Time In Life
b4. (Happy Days) Someday Soon.

Rare Canadian-only private press folk-psych w/ heavy vibes and terrific musicianship/performance. Reminiscent of Van Morrison’s more cosmic work in places or even a hippie Ron Baumber. Underated and highly recommended.
Original CDN press.
Much sought after after album by Canadian singer songwriter Carm Mascarenhas released privately in 1975. Strong Van Morrisonic music style with cosmic and psychedelic approaches in most of the tracks. One of the underrated private releases of the 70's!
 ~ Internet source.

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Carm Mascarenhas - Someday Soon (Can 1975).rar

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bob Patterson - Bob Patterson (us 1970)

Bob Patterson [70's] - Bob Patterson (us 1970)

Label: Riverman Music ?– BTR0041
Format: CD, Reissue
Genre: Folk, World, & Country

01. Travelin’ Through The Countryside     4:54    
02. Meadowlands (Instrumental)     2:38    
03. Darlin’ Good Girl     2:45    
04. Here’s To Huddie (Instrumental)     1:19    
05. I Am Abandoned     4:30    
06. I’m Going Home     3:33    
07. Bed Of Roses     3:34    
08. Mick’s Celebration (Instrumental)     1:50    
09. Lonesome City     3:00    
10. The Aalarm Rings Five     4:18    
11. Trippin’ To Boston (Instrumental)     2:14    
12. Friends Of Mine     3:04    
13. Mississippi In The Morning (From The Album ‘Land Of The Twelve String Songman’) 4:04    
14. Mary Ann (From The Album ‘Short Stories’)     2:57    

Companies etc:
Distributed By – Bella Terra Records
Marketed By – Bella Terra Records

Producer – Bob Patterson (2)
Written-By – Bob Patterson (2)

Originally released in 1971 (pressed privately). 24-bit digitally remastered by Jae-Soo Yi. With paper sleeve, liner notes & photos. First-ever Reissue. Limited Edition.

On the inlay:
"This Re-issue [2009 Riverman Music] made under exclusive license from Bob Patterson. Marketed & Distributed by Bella Terra Records. All Rights Reserved. Made in Korea."

Track times don't appear on release (manually clocked).
Track 13 & 14 are bonus tracks.
Excellent private press folk LP assembled by the former leader of Elizabeth (Vanguard label psych band) and some friends in a Philadelphia studio (I wonder if he knew Perry Leopold?). This is the original demo version of the LP, issued in a plain cover that Bob autographed in the upper left corner. It was apparently reissued a year or so later with a proper printed cover. Most of the tracks have multiple layered guitars, and eight of the twelve songs have vocals. My pick is the doomy "Darlin' Good Girl" which sounds like the Richard Farina classic "The Bold Marauder" to my ears. A killer little-known gem, if you collect private folk LPs from this era you'll be hard-pressed to top this one for quality and obscurity. I'm sure this demo version is as rare as Leopold's Experiment In Metaphysics LP!

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Bob Patterson - Bob Patterson (us 1970).rar


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kauffman & Caboor - Songs from Suicide Bridge (us 1984)

Kauffman & Caboor - Songs From Suicide Bridge (us 1984)

* David Kauffman - Guitar, Piano, Bass, Vocals.
* Eric Caboor - Guitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Vocals.

- Label: Donkey Soul Music ?– DSM101
- Format: Vinyl, LP
- Country: US
- Released: 1984
- Genre: Folk, World, & Country

A1.         Kiss Another Day Goodbye             4:48  
A2.         Neighborhood Blues                        4:00  
A3.         Life Without Love                            5:11  
A4.         Angel Of Mercy                               4:57  
A5.         Life And Times On The Beach        7:55  
B1.         Backwoods                                       8:09  
B2.         Midnight Willie                                6:54  
B3.         Where's The Understanding?           2:09  
B4.         Tinsel Town                                      5:42  
B5.         One More Day (You'll Fly Again)    4:22  

Despite the release year, this is excellent early '70s-sounding melancholic drifter folkrock from California. The top tracks are outstanding and all over this is an above average album that has gained many fans in recent years.Beautiful textured gatefold cover. Will be in the next Acid Archives.
KAUFMANN & CABOOR made 2 more albums under the name DROVERS.

Original 1984 private pressing on Donkey Soul Music (matrix # DSM101).
Very dark and mysterious stoner/loner acid folk LP from this duo of singer-songwriter-guitarists. Instrumentation includes acoustic, electric, slide and steel guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, piano and bass. There are several bursts of psych guitar woven into the compositions.

The epic "Life and Times on the Beach" makes Lou Reed's Berlin or John Cale's Music for a New Society sound like a day at the beach.

from what little exists on the web about this LP:

"Excellent Folk Duo. Really A Very Special LP Filled With A Dark And Desperate Sense Of Urgency And Melancholy, Some Burning Electric Guitar Parts Here And There To Heighten The Intensity. A Very Unique And Brilliant LP!!! Very Highly Recommended!!!!"

(mid-80's U.S. privat-release of top of the heap loner-downer Singer-Songwriter album by 2 californian guys charming 'em knots 'n plots of mere existential ties, straining 'em poetic whiskers for basic clues ... the way any other's mynd surely fries ... but David & Eric seem to have paid some honest dues!! it's americana Folk 'w/ spills of ramblin' Blues, nightmarish epistles, roses of woe, shreds of euphoric potion, words 'n strings in motion, thorns 'n thistles breakin' eyes in the frozen laughter of a drunkard's whayl dodgin' society's hayl ... a looming cross but no hammer 'n nail ... mostly acoustic strummin' w/ some eerie fuzz-tone switched on somewhere...; quite an exeptional piece and a real find in this field!! the duo went on to release 2 albums as THE DROVERS some miles furthur down the line ... be sure to check these out too!!)

Eric Caboor and David Kauffman were two hapless mid-80s LA singer songwriters who liked each other’s songs and who played to tiny audiences for free at places like the Basement in Echo Park. The Basement (literally a basement of a church) had one microphone round which the duo would sit and sing, making fun of themselves in between numbers. They were hilarious; the audience always took it for masterful schtick. After all, the songs (which they played and sang very well) were completely undeserving of their authors’ insults. The greater the audience, however, the more comical their self-loathing. I shared the bill with them a few times, splitting the fee 50/50. Backstage they revealed how they simply could not understand why anybody could enjoy a collection of songs that would soon be released under the title Songs From Suicide Bridge. That’s what I mean by hapless. In this instance, it is a synonym for authentic.

The album was recorded at Eric’s house on a four-track cassette port-a-studio and mixed at the late great Hillside Recording by Norman Stepanski. “He saved our project, man,” Eric told me when I had a project that also needed saving.

They should have gone Somewhere, these two. They were intense. They had talent. Hopefully it’s at least some solace that SFSB is now a highly sought collectors item.
 ~ CollectorsFrenzy.

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Kauffman & Caboor - Songs from Suicide Bridge (us 1984)